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reports-category-header-01Our policy team publishes original and award winning research on a range of road safety topics, looking at behaviour, education and infrastructure.

Recent topics include local investment, the dangers of using a smartphone while driving, and an analysis of young driver attitudes.

We aim to use our research to highlight current issues, raise awareness, and influence government policy. We would like to hear from anyone interested in our work, and welcome ideas for new topics and partnerships.

If you would like to sign up for regular policy updates please contact us at policy@iam.org.uk.

20mp Speed Limits Cover

20mph survey:
Drivers’ opinions of 20mph speed limits


The IAM commissioned Lake Market Research in March 2014 to survey 1001 drivers for their opinions on 20mph speed limits and road safety. The survey covers a representative sample by gender, age and UK region.



Speed cameras report cover

Speed cameras:
a snapshot of drivers' opinions

Road safety cameras (speed cameras) are in use across England, Scotland and Wales and have been for over twenty years, since the Road Traffic Act (1991) enabled courts to accept evidence from approved cameras.


Licensed to skill report cover

Licensed to skill:
contributory factors in road accidents

Driver and rider error is the biggest contributory factor in both deaths and serious injuries on our roads today. This report looks at five years’ worth of accident data recorded by the police and analyses the different contributory factors.



Councillor's Opinions on Road Safety

The IAM sent a survey to every councillor in the UK to find out their views on road safety priorities. Over a thousand responses were received showing a variation of priorities often distinguishable by parties. Overall the IAM was pleased to see that road safety is still viewed as a priority for most UK councillors.


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