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Our committee

Our Group is run by local volunteers who are all passionate about making life on the road more enjoyable. Meet our team behind the scenes.

We have formal committee positions for the Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer. The rest of us are co-opted on to the committee or attend in a more informal role.

Chairperson – Neil Warden

Neil Warden

I completed an advanced driving course in 1995 with Grampian Police and in order to maintain your skills, they recommended you go to ROSPA or IAM. There wasn't a ROSPA group in Aberdeen so I got involved with the Aberdeen Advanced Motorists.

After passing the test, the chairman at the time was Dave Walker, asked if I wanted to get involved with observing and come on to the committee as observer trainer which I did.
A few years back, I was asked to take on the roll of RGC (Regional Group Co ordinator).after Steve Shepley stepped down. This meant I could no longer be involved at Committee level with the AAM and would help and assist all of the groups in Scotland as and when they required it. This involved arranging the Scottish Conference once a year, attending groups AGMs and committee meetings and anything else in between.

This will be the second time I've taken on the roll of chairman, and am happy to say that although we have many challenges ahead in building the group to be successful,we have a very good strong committee who do a great deal of work behind the scenes that not everyone appreciates or understands. To them I am forever grateful for their commitment.

This year we are focusing on the observers obtaining the new IMI qualification for both the car and bike sections. I am glad to say that we have been fortunate to have a few new trainee observers that decides to get involved after passing their respective test.

If any member would like take on the challenge of becoming an observer, please make contact with the committee in the first instance.

Secretary – Loren Kelly


Loren Kelly 

I initially got involved with the IAM after my partner, Dad, Father-in-law and Mother-in-law had all completed their advanced driving and it sounded like something I also wanted to do. After successfully achieving the advanced grade, I decided I wanted to give something back to the group and the Observers. As we are all volunteers and if it hadn't been for people doing so I wouldn't have had the opportunity to pass. So, I got involved as a trainee Observer and had a great first Associate who passed very well (The webiste editor has chosen to leave this comment in purely for clarity reasons....), and then took on the role of Group Secretary unofficially in summer 2016, officially in December 2016. 

I have completed my Advanced car test, and I am keen to gain my general bike licence, so going to work on that shortly. Otherwise, I'd consider doing things like my driving Masters in the future (get in touch with the group if you wish to find out more about the Masters). I'm a solicitor in my day job.

Treasurer – Jonathan 'Joff' Christie

CIMG0430 (1)


Commenced motorcycling when I was on the family farm when 10 and 11 years old. I gained my motorcycle driving license in 1989, riding my re-built Honda CB400 Twin. For a month or so i worked as a motorcycle courier between Southampton and the surrounding area, including London where as you’d expect i was exposed to some near misses.


My next motorcycle was a Kawasaki Zephyr 750 which i rode for a few years before trading it in to a Honda VFR 750 and then to what I ride now a VFR800.

When i got my VFR800, i thought it wise to better my understanding of being able to ride safely and efficiently, the IAM group gave me this.  
After sitting my advanced test, I then decided that it would be good to assist other like minded motorcyclists become better, and this in turn would also
improve my biking skills.


This is my third year as an observer and I would recommend riders to do the same, helping other like minded motorcyclists become better and safer riders.

Observer, MDU Mechanic and Social Events - Duncan Gray

Duncan Gray

Observer and Social Events - Kenny Hair

Kenny Hair

Observer, Socail Events and ICT - Alan Leonard

Alan Leonard

Joined September 2016 to prove to myself and others, like those that believe older drivers are inept, that I was as safe and competent behind the wheel as I could be. My observer was Neil Warden, brilliant observer. Passed test 07 February 2017, dreadful weather, torrential rain, standing water. 10 x 1’s, 13 x 2’s, would have liked all 1’s (who wouldn’t) so may take test again in future. Examiner Alan Gray. Now co-opted on to local committee and undertaking observing. Training for National Observer qualification. Loving every minute of being involved with the IAM. My favourite car was a  Wolsley 2200 (land crab) like a lounge on wheels. 2,200cc straight six transversely mounted driving the front wheels (like a huge mini engine) The torque steer was tremendous, when you planted your right foot the front end would raise up. Wish I still had it, very rare now.

 The worst car I every bought was my first one in 1970 shortly after passing my driving test. It was a 1964 Austin Cambridge (Alan’s limo as my pals would call it). On the first day out for a spin the drivers window dropped down in to the door and I couldn’t get it back up. Wouldn’t have been so bad but it was raining. I couldn’t understand what the vibration was until I discovered one of the front tyres had a bulge on the inside. Traded this in quickly for a 1965 Mini Cooper ‘S’, loved annoying the neighbours with the noise from the straight bore exhaust, not a care for other people when your 18. Worth a mint now, if I knew then what I know now!! Dream car is a Bentley Arnage, a true stately looking Bentley not like the big Volkswagen’s of today. Perhaps one day, I keep doing the Lottery!

My current car is a  1997 Volvo 960cd 2.5 24v auto which I bought 4 years ago with only 55,000 on the clock. One of only 5 of this model left in the UK. My daily driver and just turned 70,000 miles. I do love my old Swedish Duchess, I don’t mean the wife, she’s a Yorkshire lass, I love her as well though.  

I'm just an ordinary guy that loves meeting people (a stranger is only a friend you haven’t met yet). Love driving and classic cars, wish I could afford a barn full of my own but until then I enjoy other peoples. Now a member of the IAM I hope to be able to encourage others to improve their driving, especially younger drivers.

I retired early last year after almost 40 years in the valve and pipeline equipment supply industry. Made redundant due to the downturn in the oil industry. Now heavily involved organising the ‘Blast From The Past’ classic car event and committed to my involvement with our local branch of the IAM. I don’t know how I had time for a proper job, the days just fly past. Sports?? anything that does not involve getting out of breath, darts, snooker, table football etc. Oh! and watching other people run and jump about for no apparent reason. 

Social Media and Newsletter Co-ordinator – Ryan Nish