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Aberdeen Advanced Motorists’ community comprises some 60 paid Members who have passed their Advanced Driver test or Advanced Rider test as well as some 35 Associates who have been allocated to our Group by IAM RoadSmart most of whom are keen to progress to Advanced level and are being coached by our team of Observers.

We have 7 Observer volunteers providing their time to coach Associate Motorists and a further 10 Observer volunteers to coach Rider Associates plus 1 who does both motorists and cyclist coaching as well as acting as a Local Observer Assessor within our community.

3 Members currently volunteer to fulfil the key Officer Committee roles (Chairman, Secretary and Treasurer) with a further 8 volunteer Members assisting in a non-office holding committee roles. 

We welcome additional Members who would like to help the Committee attending public events or in meeting our performance targets.

The Group is centred in Aberdeen city and its immediate environs  encompassing Stonehaven to the south, Westhill to the west and Ellon to the north.  Normally we participate in IAM RoadSmart sponsored meetings annually with 4 more Advanced Motorists / Riders Groups in Northern Scotland, namely Banff & Buchan, Gordon, Inverness and Moray.

Last updated January 2020


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