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2018 Test Passes

Posted on 29/11/18 |
Many congratulations to the following people who joined our Group of Full Members in 2018 after passing their Advanced Driving or Riding Test.

    Brian Innes
    Dale Walker    
    Graeme Morrice    
    Graham Orr           (F1RST)
    John McAdoo    
    Kirstie Murray        (F1RST)
    Raymond Lawson
    Tony Ash               (F1RST)

    Brenda Armstrong-Haines    
    Charley Nichol        (F1RST)     
    Christian Franklin
    David Marschall
    Douglas London      (F1RST)
    John Goldsworthy
    Kenneth London     (F1RST)
    Kevin Leiper           (F1RST)
    Neil Taylor
    Rachael Armstrong-Haines
    Rosemary Anthony

Furthermore, some of our Observer team achieved IMI National Observer status in 2018 and our warmest congratulations extend to them also:

National Observers:
    Chris Noble
    Karen Kirkwood
    Loren Kelly
    Neil Warden 

Finally, congratulations to Gary Macalister and Neil Warden who both qualified as Local Observer Assessors in 2018.