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Whether you’ve been driving for a few months or many years, some simple tweaks can make all the difference. Fitting a car seat correctly, driving in blustery conditions or travelling overseas all come with their own challenges. Check out our advice section for all of these tips and many more. Or if you fancy a more in-depth discussion of the issues affecting drivers and riders, our insights might be the thing for you. 


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  • antifreeze-sad

    A chill in the air…guess Jack Frost is near

    The Indian summer was fun while it lasted but make way for the hats, scarves and wellies because winter is on its way. The temperature is gradually dropping reminding us that we have to make sure we have our de-icers ready. Here are some tips to prepare motor users for the winter from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • Iam Roadsmart Dog download image

    Peace, love and muddy paws

    Many of us take to the road with our pets and if we are lucky enough might even have a place for them at our desks. But much as we love them, now and again our furry friends can pose a few challenges when we’re driving. Here are some tips for those driving with pets from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards Richard Gladman.

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  • unspecifiedDX3NI041321ddas

    Distraction: the enemy of action

    The daily commute can often get repetitive and could tempt you to look to your car for entertainment. A favourite song may come to mind or even the thought of calling someone from a hand held mobile phone to pass time. Here are some driving tips to avoid distractions from IAM RoadSmart’s head of driving and riding standards, Richard Gladman.

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  • Young driver hands33

    Let the all-nighters begin

    Freshers’ week is beginning for many, and students are going to be making their way north, south, east and west to begin their higher education. For some this will be the longest journey they’ve ever driven, to a new area, with a car fully laden with all their worldly goods. Here are some driving tips for those packing their bags up for the big trip to university from IAM RoadSmart’s communications manager Caroline Holmes.

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  • steering-1-download[1]

    Hitting the right targets

    In the last few weeks, two events have sparked my interest more than usual. The first was the Chancellors Autumn statement and the second was the annual launch of the EuroRAP risk rating for UK roads.

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  • unspecifiedM40BV0PL

    “I’ll just have a couple, and then I’ll drive home!”

    Is this familiar? Have you heard this before? ‘I’ll have two pints and I’ll be ok to drive’. No doubt many of you have, as it seems a common misconception that two drinks is the acceptable amount you can drink and still drive whilst being under the legal limit. It suggests there is an awareness of the effects of alcohol and how it impacts on your ability to drive or stay within the legal limit; however the understanding of the consequences and how alcohol affects each and every individual has been lost in this approach.

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  • kevin on TV

    Farewell Kevin Delaney

    Kevin Delaney, IAM RoadSmart consultant and head of road safety is due to retire soon and is going out with a bang by giving us his uplifting farewell article. Kevin shares his experience, working in road safety and what he believes the future holds for the industry in our latest blog

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  • drink-driving-thumbnail[1]

    Drink Drive Rehabilitation - the ins and outs

    With the Christmas period around the corner Prosecco and spirits will be flowing. And many people simply don't understand the impact and affect that driving under the influence of alcohol and drugs can have on you. Chloe Jackson, paralegal at Brabners LLP, breaks down the drink drive offence and provides an overview of the process in our latest blog.

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